What is Truth?

First of all, we should know that everyone has a reality. Some people live in a dream world, but this is their reality. I never cared what reality meant. I was generally content to live in a dream world. But some people show you the truth painfully. Now I am learning what my reality is. So I ask you, what is reality?

Everyone should stop and think. Are we satisfied with the life we live? I am not satisfied with the conditions Turkey has created. But I can change myself. That is why I want to be in a good position in this country. That is why I am working and making efforts. I have no desire to leave this country; but they can force you. We do not know what time will show. But I live for my own realities. I want to be wherever I feel happy. Never stop asking for things from life. Make big wishes, not small ones. Then your big wishes will come true.You must believe!

Every time I feel good, I feel lucky. I see reality now. Sometimes you have to get out of the dream world and fight this real world. Can I tell you a secret? I’m going to win this war. I’ve already won. I’m almost there!

You must believe!

One day I will look back and say, “yes, you have suffered a lot, but now you have the power to make those in need happy!” and then I will be happy!

Repeat with me now! There is nothing more important than me, I love myself and I’m glad I exist! I have found my reality and I will fight for myself if I have to. I will be very happy! I deserve the best of everything. I will not stop being a good person. It is in my nature to be happy and I attract it to myself!

With love!


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  1. This is such an encouraging and genuine post. And you are quite correct; our reality is not the reality of others; we all perceive the world differently as a result of our experiences and habits.

    Thanks for sharing and have a great week ahead! ☀️

    1. Thanks for your comment Katherine! We deserve to live life to the fullest! Our rights and wrongs are ours! We will do better! May the perfect weeks be with us! 💕💞

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