You Can Achieve Your Dreams

Today has been the best day of the last week for me. The reason for this is that I love myself now. I have adopted myself as I am. I also no longer love anyone more than myself. Because loving a person too much is a harmful feeling. Your Can Achieve Your Dreams!

I don’t harbour anyone in my life who will upset me, I don’t see anyone I don’t like, and only my family and friends are enough for me. Living by other people’s rules exhausted me. Now I live by my own rules. I love it!

I am here again with an article in English. Because I want to improve my English. For this reason, I decided to write articles in English all the time. So I will learn more easily. It makes me happy to do this for myself!

Today is really a great day for me. I woke up in the morning and prepared a bowl according to my diet. Then I burned sage incense all over the house. I opened all the windows of the house and my house smelled so good. I went out and walked on the beach, petted lots of dogs and cats, and then I got some good news that made me extremely happy. It’s perfect for my future! I’ll tell you more about it later, we’re in the process now!

Don’t Forget!

My self-confidence is now in place, because I don’t leave myself behind. Good days have finally reached me. I will try very hard not to spoil it. I’m also trying very hard with my illness. I want to feel healthy. That’s why I keep my doctor’s appointments and take my medication regularly. My health will be even better now!

I also attract wealth, happiness, money, power, love, being loved, peace! I deserve it all.

If you love yourself so much, you can achieve your dreams. I fell into a hole. Now I’m out of it. You can do it too. Just believe in yourself!

I hope I haven’t made too many mistakes.

With love!

Paşa soiled my t-shirt…

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“You Can Achieve Your Dreams” için 4 yorum

  1. Oh my goodness, gal. I feel the same way about writing in English, and your encouragement is really appreciated.
    You did an excellent job, and I really like the emphasis on self-love. Due to life experiences, I also learned to let go, so I now know when to back off and what to allow or not in my life.
    It’s a wonderful path that leads to your soul and God-given purpose.

    Thanks for sharing and have a great day! 🌸

    1. Katherine, that is a beautiful comment! We will do our best to be good. We can learn English better! We can learn life better too! Go girl💕💕💕

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