You can get rid of negative thoughts

My battle with myself is going well. I realise how many negative things I’ve been thinking. Sometimes I’m a person who panics too much. I think I’m going to panic so much that I’m going to spoil everything. I’ve finally been able to fix that. I’m calmer now. When I get flustered, I try to silence my thoughts. I command my brain to “shut up!” I don’t want negative thoughts to shake me. I feel that I will lose then. That’s why if you code your brain according to yourself, you can get rid of negative thoughts!

I also get rid of negative thoughts with my eating and sleep patterns. I used to have a sweet tooth sometimes. But now I can’t do without dessert. When I asked my doctor about this, he said that my happiness hormone was not working much. Therefore, I tried to balance it with my sleep patterns and positive thoughts. I also love making waffles. I make cookies or waffles and avoid baklava…


Eating patterns are very important to get rid of negative thoughts. Because you get angry when you are hungry. Therefore, you should not starve yourself too much. Also, your brain sometimes tells you to eat even though you are not hungry. At that very moment you should drink water. Since I use water in my life in a balanced way, even my skin has become beautiful!

We don’t really have to be prisoners of negative thoughts. If there’s nothing good in our lives, we can create a good option. And we can do that by introducing something new into our lives. I do walking, yoga, meditation regularly, so I feel more peaceful. I try to stay away from stress. There are many things I should be stressed about, but I relax myself with good thoughts. I am in a waiting period about work. I only manifest positive things for my work.

I changed my phone wallpaper today. I designed it myself. I put everything I want in my life on my wallpaper. You know what? You can do anything you want. I’ve been fighting my health for years. Now I’m beating it by being calm. Sometimes you don’t have to fight it. You can kill it with silence and calmness!

Take care of yourselves!

With love!

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  1. You look great!

    We have similar problems. I’m also a foodie, and I’m trying to avoid the sweet temptations now that summer is here and ice cream stands are everywhere.

    We are all prone to having negative thoughts. According to a certain theory, we should recognize them as clouds traveling across the blue sky. Another concept that I found really beneficial is that we ought to create a positive thought that will replace the negative one that has emerged. The decision is yours, but I don’t recommend completely shutting them off; otherwise, it may seem like sticking a band-aid to a bursting bottle.

    Be patient with yourself, be kind to yourself, and strive to appreciate yourself for who you are, your imperfections, and everything that makes you, you.

    You are important, and you got this! 🧡

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