Another Day of Affirmations

As I promised myself, I try never to think anything negative and never to say anything negative, not even in jest. I will make this my life motto. This is my first English writing for you. I have been studying English hard for a few weeks. I finally got the courage to write. Another Day of Afftirmations!!!

I have been watching TV series and translating articles to improve my English, so I want to write something good and I want it to reach a lot of people.

Today was a positive day. I got a lot of vitamin D outside, because my mom and I got the perfect amount of sun. It was like a summer day. I think I miss summer the most. Summer always means energy.

I have been on an oat diet for 3 days. I eat oat-related things for 3 meals.

Morning; oat omelet

Noon; bowl

Evening; plain yogurt with oats

I eat oatmeal cookies with my tea.

This will last for a week. Also, I think it helped me a lot because I eat a lot of fruit. Even my skin has become perfect. At the end of the week, I will eat a protein-based diet and do yoga at a moderate level. Yoga helps a lot in terms of stretching and I feel that all my muscles are working.

My mom and I are following these diets. Summer is almost here girls!!!


I want to sunbathe and swim a lot in the summer. I’m going to have a really nice summer vacation this year. Because I haven’t given myself this gift for a long time. So I’m going to live this summer for myself. I’m expecting innovations in terms of work. I’m going to start a big business soon.

Also, the web design course is going very well. My brother will be home tomorrow. We will work with him all summer on web design and graphic design. I want to progress in this field. I mean, I want my field to be the web world, I stopped listening to the negative events in my life. Now I only listen to everything positive. There is no place for negative people and negative events in my life anymore. I am doing this for myself.

I have made great progress, but this is just the beginning!

With love!